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Here is just a sample of the services we offer.  If your needs are not covered by the list below, please contact us with your ideas.  

Game Design
  • Full Game Designs
  • Documentation
  • Design Reviews and Recommendations
  • Pitches
  • Paper Prototypes
  • Mini-Games and Puzzles
  • Mechanics Development
  • Brain-Storming
  • Mechanics to Story/Theme Matching
  • Design Research
  • World Building
  • Back Stories
  • Character and NPC backgrounds
  • Quests
  • Story to Gameplay Matching
  • Content
  • Cutscene Scripts
  • Interactive Dialogue
  • Articles
  • Talks on Game Design Processes
  • Talks/Advice Sessions on "Breaking In" to the Game Industry
  • Game Design Workshops
  • Creativy Workshops
  • Youth Game Design Workshops

Please contact us with what you have in mind, including project duration and deadlines, and we will get in touch with you with a quote.  We are sometimes able to offer reduced rates to non-profits and educational institutions, so if that applies to you make sure to mention it!

Growing Great Things
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